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Business Brief


Civil Trials:

The Court hears and decides first-instance civil actions and non-contentious matters brought to our attention due to disputes arising out of private rights or pursuant to any other special laws or regulations, including but not limited to those involving debts, negotiable instruments, elections, labor disputes, maritime laws, state compensation, fair trade, etc.

 Criminal Trials:
The Court also hears and decides those criminal cases whose prosecutions are either initiated by prosecutors or by the victims of crimes.Juvenile Delinquencies:
The Court also takes charge of cases in which juveniles aged twelve and older but under eighteen and children under twelve years of age are in violation of criminal statutes or are considered likely to commit offenses.Matters involving Domestic Relations:
The Court accepts cases involving marital disputes, parent-child relations, inheritance, adoption, etc.Civil Enforcement:
The Court also accepts petitions filed with the Civil Enforcement Division by state authorities for the purpose of compelling judgment debtors to perform their obligations so as to exercise the private rights as already ascertained.Notarization and Legalization:
The Notarization Division will accept such matters for notarization as sales, leases, gifts, marriages, adoptions, wills, etc.Registration Matters:
The Court also maintains a registry for foundations, corporations and marriage settlements.Lodgment Matters:
The Court also handles business regarding the lodgments for discharge and security purposes.Non-Contentious Matters:
The Court has established a unit, i.e., the Center for Non-Contentious Matters, dedicated to the processing of matters such as payment orders, public reminders, auctions of collaterals, rulings on promissory notes, etc.Litigation Guidance and Assistance:
In order to better serve the people, this Court has established a one-stop joint service center to answer orally or in writing at any time any questions relating to judicial and litigation proceedings, as well as to sell judicial pleading papers and provide sample pleadings free of charge. 

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